Was ist Incognito ?

23.07.2017 20:24

Unitek™ TMP for Incognito™ Systems

Enhanced Management Through Digital Technology

Unitek™ TMP takes the Incognito™ Appliance System to the next level of digital workflow. From ordering cases to creating and approving the setup, Unitek TMP provides full-circle customization and ordering for the Incognito Systems. Enhanced measurement tools and high quality imaging allow for precise review of 3D model setups, ensuring the highest standards for precision treatment. And by utilizing our enhanced messaging and communication feature, Orthodontists can work directly with 3M Unitek to easily access essential information and support.

For all cases submitted via Unitek TMP, the newly designed graphic interface allows for the review and analysis of an Incognito System setup. The setup is scanned to provide a high quality 3D model with easy-to-navigate controls for precise review. With enhanced measurement and analysis tools such as an overlay view and bite plane analysis, Unitek TMP users can now quickly and accurately analyze Incognito System setups. 

Unitek TMP also offers 100% digital setup for the new Incognito™ Lite System. Learn more about the Incognito Lite System here.